The collaboration will deliver robust mobile wellness solutions throughout North America

Toronto, Canada – July 09, 2015 – Novus Health, Canada’s leader in health navigation and wellness solutions, and mPulse Mobile, a Los Angeles–based mobile experience-management company focused on consumer health and wellness, have announced a new partnership to provide comprehensive mobile wellness solutions throughout North America.

Given that over 90 percent of Americans now use mobile phones, mobile has become a crucial communication channel for companies and organizations. The partnership will see Novus Health and mPulse combine their expertise to help organizations gain improved messaging penetration, instantaneous 360-degree feedback, and insight loops with the ability to promote positive behavioural changes among health consumers.

Since 2006, Novus Health has been providing insurers, employers, membership organizations, and wellness providers with future-ready web and mobile health management content, products, and tools alongside its telephonic concierge member services. Novus Health’s solutions—which include custom health navigation web and mobile platforms, integrated health risk assessments, health coaching, and member assistance programs—empower consumers and their families to best manage their health.

mPulse, a technology start-up, provides companies with a scalable SaaS-based, HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging solution that enables the delivery of health-related information. By analyzing data and consumer behaviour, mPulse’s platform determines how to deliver relevant messaging at appropriate times and engages consumers toward positive health outcomes. mPulse’s proven solution has already driven ROI for the largest health plans and providers in the U.S.

The partnership will leverage mPulse’s intelligent mobile messaging capabilities to drive consumers to manage their health via Novus Health’s customized wellness solutions and bring transformative mobile wellness solutions to market.

“We see that the future of health care lies in engaging directly with consumers through the use of mobile technology, and we’re excited to leverage mPulse Mobile’s state-of-the-art expertise to elevate our program offerings to a new level and help more of our members throughout Canada, Europe, and the U.S.,” says Novus Health CEO Robin Ingle.

“Mobile technologies present an exciting opportunity to empower consumers. Combining our mobile health expertise and Novus’s health and wellness leadership, we are able to collaborate to make health management a fluid and seamless experience for consumers everywhere,” adds mPulse CEO Chris Nicholson.